Rates and Class Info

Classes are designed for beginners to advanced. Whether or not you've ever strapped on a pair of gloves you'll feel comfortable in our classes. We've designed classes that use authentic boxing training with cutting edge fitness techniques to get your body moving while having fun.

Class Schedule:
Monday Boxing Basics
(Working on that perfect stance and that perfect punch)
- 6:00pm
- 8:30pm

- 6:00pm *Combo of the Month*
(Long Combo with the emphasise on sweating. *This is the only class not recommended for beginners)

-6:00pm Defensive Basics
Making sure you're keeping your hands up. How to make basic blocks and counter the most common pucnhes.
- 7:00pm Amatuer Team/Open Gym
- 8:00pm Legs and Footwork (leg workout and focusing on footwork with angles)

Thursday - 6:00pm Mitt Work Sprints
(Short combos that allow you to get your heart rate way up while getting the flow of boxing)

Friday - 6:00pm Amatuer Team/Open Gym
(Open gym is for EVERYBODY. Beginners, to pros. You come in and a coach will tell you exactly what to work on and how to work on it. This time block is also saved for sparring and competitors. Sparring is OPTIONAL)

We are located at 2916 Graveley St. Vancouver B.C. (1st Ave and Renfrew area) You can enrol at anytime.

Class Rates:
5 Class Punch Cards - $100
Unlimited Classes - $90 per Month with Automatic Billing (Credit Card billed on the first,no contract)
Unlimited Classes - $100 per month with out automatic billing

Get Started!

Here's a video of what we're all about. Our second year recapped. (for more videos, including our first year recapped, click the youtube link on the top of the page)


Personal Coaching
This is one on one training. Program is designed for you. Once you've learned basic boxing technique, its up to you what you'd like to do with it. Whether you are looking to compete or use it to cross train, we will design the right program for you.

Personal Coaching Rates
Singles - $80
Member Rate (Limit one per month) - $50

3x per week (max 12 sessions per month) - $780/month
2x per week (max 8 sessions per month) - $560/month
1 time per week (max 4 sessions per month) - $300/month
For More Information Please Email:

Group and Partner sessions:
2 participants - $45 each person
3 - 5 participants - $40 each person
Private Classes 5 - 20 participants - $200 Single Bookings, $150 weekly bookings. (subject to availability)

"Teddy is a great coach, he treats each person in the classes individually. Thanks Teddy see ya Tuesday!"
-Jeff F.

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